DÖP DEM I ELD – Official Music Video
JÄRNHAND – Official Music Video
JORDAFÄRD – Official Animated Video


Recoil Merchandising

THYRFING is glad to announce a new co-operation with German Recoil Merchandising. Recoil Merchandising is all about exceptional great quality, sustainability and you will find items and collectibles that are exclusive and unavailable in any other stores. All clothing & wearable accessories are manufactured and shipped from Germany. The first designs and items are already …

Bardo Methodology

The unparalleled Bardo Methodology have put together what is probably the lengthiest, most comprehensive and well-researched article ever about Thyrfing‘s past and present. Part 1: https://www.bardomethodology.com/articles/2024/02/27/thyrfing-hednaland-valdr-galga-urkraft-vanagandr-interview/ Part 2: https://www.bardomethodology.com/articles/2024/02/29/thyrfing-vansinnesvisor-farsotstider-hels-vite-de-odeslosa-interview/