Classic albums to be re-printed

While we are soon to reveal some info on new music from Thyrfing, we have some other good news as well.

The first four classic Thyrfing albums – ”Thyrfing” (1998), ”Valdr Galga” (1999), ”Urkraft” (2000) and ”Vansinnesvisor” (2002) – will be available again in physical format later this year through Despotz Records. More info on content, packaging and release dates will be announced in time.

In the meanwhile you can purchase them digitally through, or stream them through your favorite platform.

Thyrfing on Bandbond

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Thyrfing is now on Bandbond. So those of you using this app, make sure to add us to your feed. And those of you who don’t, check it out on the links below. A great way to see what we and other artists are up to – and get all of our posts.

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Dennis endorsed by Czarcie Kopyto

Dennis is now powered with custom pedals from the mighty Czarcie Kopyto!

“The first time I tried Czarcie Kopyto I was totally blown away. I had asked some drummers about them before who said that they are amazing. I never thought that a direct drive pedal could also be set in a heavier mode and this is the reason why I always played with chain drive and heavy wood beaters. The Czarcie Kopyto pedals is really for all styles and everybody can find the perfect settings. This is true craftsmanship and I’m honored to now be a Czarcie Kopyto artist!

Photo: Jens Rydén Photography

New merchandise channel

Fans, friends and foes!

THYRFING are proud to announce a new co-operation with (Unleashed, Merciless, Necrophobic etc.), where you can now order official merchandise on the link below:

Make sure to check it out, along with the other great bands and products included under its banner.

The shop is still somewhat limited in terms of number of products and designs, but over time we will strive to add as much new and classic stuff here as possible.

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