“Järnhand” single and video released

Today we are releasing our third single from the upcoming “Vanagandr” album.

“Järnhand” official video directed by Patric Ullaeus.

JÄRNHAND (Eng: “Iron Hand”) is a track with both grit and guts, melody and mood – and notorious listeners might certainly recognize the band from the mid 2000’s and albums like “Vansinnesvisor” and “Farsotstider” here. The track is released along with artwork by Niklas Sundin and a stunning video directed by Patric Ullaeus.

You can stream it through your favorite streaming service here: https://despotz.ffm.to/jarnhand

“Järnhand” artwork by Niklas Sundin.

“Vanagandr” cover artwork and track list revealed

“Vanagandr” album cover artwork by Niklas Sundin.

“Vanagandr” – the 8th THYRFING album, and the first in 8 years – will be released through Despotz Records on 27 August.

Pre-order / pre-save here: https://despotz.ffm.to/preorder-vanagandr

1. Döp dem i eld
2. Undergångens länkar
3. Rötter
4. Fredlös
5. Järnhand
6. Håg och minne
7. Träldomsord
8. Jordafärd

The album was co-produced and co-engineered by Jakob Herrmann at Top Floor Studios. Mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studios.

New digital single release: “Jordafärd”

We proudly release our second single from the upcoming album “Vanagandr”.

“Jordafärd” animated video by Niklas Sundin.

JORDAFÄRD (Eng: ”Burial”) is a brooding epic that demonstrates a slower, moody and slightly different side of the band compared to the first single “Döp dem i eld” that was released earlier this year. The track is released along with artwork and animated video by Niklas Sundin.

You can stream it through your favorite streaming service here: https://despotz.ffm.to/thyrfingjordafard

“Jordafärd” covert artwork by Niklas Sundin.

The distinct cello parts for the track were recorded by Fox Skinner (Grand Magus) along with Dutch artist Lon Snow, and we also hear Swedish soprano Natalie Hernborg in the finale.

“Jordafärd” is taken from the upcoming album “Vanagandr” that will be released 27 August through Despotz Records.

Pre-order “Döp dem i eld” T-shirt / single download bundle

You can now pre-order a “DÖP DEM I ELD” T-shirt / download bundle from any of the links below:

Bandcamp: https://despotz.ffm.to/thyrfing-single-bandcamp
Despotz webshop: https://despotz.ffm.to/thyrfing-single-despotz

You get:
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Classic albums to be re-printed

While we are soon to reveal some info on new music from Thyrfing, we have some other good news as well.

The first four classic Thyrfing albums – ”Thyrfing” (1998), ”Valdr Galga” (1999), ”Urkraft” (2000) and ”Vansinnesvisor” (2002) – will be available again in physical format later this year through Despotz Records. More info on content, packaging and release dates will be announced in time.

In the meanwhile you can purchase them digitally through https://thyrfing.bandcamp.com/, or stream them through your favorite platform.

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